Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstery Cleaning

We all have a favorite spot on our couch so it’s really important to keep it fresh and clean! Upholstery and other furniture can be challenging for homeowners to clean. Don’t you worry, The Scalzo Team is the solution for all your cleaning needs.

From Sectional Sofas to Ottomans and even Mattresses, you can count on us to get your specialty pieces cleaned right.

Our upholstery cleaning system is tough on dirt but gentle on fabric. Each furniture piece is cleaned by hand. We are able to clean many different types of materials including Microfiber, Polyester, Wool, Cotton, and Leather.

Call the Scalzo Clean Team to take care of your favorite seat in the house.

Upholstery Cleaning Process

1. Our trained technicians start by inspecting the fabric, making sure it is colorfast and safe to be cleaned. It is very important to know what kind of material is being cleaned before starting the process.

2. We apply our Environmentally Friendly cleaning solution with a specialized sprayer to ensure complete coverage. This high-quality pre-spray is specifically designed for safe and effective cleaning of wool and pH-sensitive fabrics. The soap in the pre-spray lifts and suspends tough soils without harming delicate natural fibers, wool, and stain-resistant fibers.

3. Next comes our patented hand scrub the upholstery with our horsehair brush and some good old fashioned elbow grease. The super quality horsehair bristles absorb and hold solution while providing unequaled agitation without damaging delicate fabrics.

4. Using truck mounted equipment we steam clean and extract dirt, spots, and our pre-sprayed soap. This step helps rinse the fabric using a safe neutral solution and our specialized upholstery cleaning tool. This hand tool helps to not over wet the fabric and results in faster dry times for our customers convenience.

Upholstery Add On Services

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

1) Our high-powered truck mounted cleaning machine makes light work of commercial upholstery.

2) Whether you need Couches, Office Chairs or Cubicle Partitions professionally cleaned, you can trust the Scalzo team to get the job done right.

3) Special add-ons include Protector, Deodorizer, and Speed Drying.

To learn more about our commercial upholstery cleaning click here.


What kind of furniture can you clean?2021-03-31T22:15:48-04:00

Cleaning upholstery can change greatly based on the fabric. Before you clean make sure you check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Typically, a tag on the furniture piece will tell you if and how it should be cleaned. Look for these 4 letters as a reference:

W – You can clean this material using water

– No water should be used to clean this piece, instead you will need a special solvent based cleaner

WS – you can use water or a solvent based cleaner on this furniture.

X – Should be dry vacuumed only

How often do you recommend professional upholstery cleaning?2021-03-22T14:50:33-04:00

Manufacturers recommend cleaning your furniture every 12-24 months. This can also vary depending on your living situation like having pets, children, accidental spills, and allergies.

How long will it take my furniture to dry?2021-03-22T14:49:42-04:00

Your specific upholstery fabric will determine which cleaning method we use. The dry times will also vary depending on if you chose the optional protector application. Typical drying time ranges between 2-8 hours.  Check out our speed drying option to get your priority pieces dried faster.

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