Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services2021-12-24T04:54:15-05:00

Janitorial Cleaning Services

Scalzo Maintenance will partner with you to create a customized cleaning program that fits your specific needs, business, and budget. We also distribute paper, cleaning chemicals, janitorial supplies and equipment so we can re-stock your inventory when running low. No need to take time out of your busy schedule to monitor and re-order products as we track inventory on site and alert you when it’s time to replenish paper goods, soap, as well as other sundry items.

Our highly trained team provides janitorial cleaning throughout the state of New Jersey. Our #1 goal is to ensure a clean, safe environment where you live, learn, work, and play.

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What to Expect

Cleaning Products and Supplies

  • We distribute paper products, trash can liners, hand soap, cleaning products and many other items you may be ordering.
  • Our team will re-stock items such as toilet paper and refill soap dispensers as needed.
  • Leave the ordering to us! No need to take time out of your day for inventory or ordering supplies. We will alert you when you’re running low, deliver, and restock your supplies.
  • Our goal is to save you time and money while providing the highest quality, safe and Environmentally Friendly solutions.

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After Envirox System

Additional Services

Floor Care

Scalzo is a one stop shop for all your cleaning needs!

Carpet Cleaning

Floor Waxing & Refinishing

Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • SmartTouch Disinifectant

Purchase our products to use in house.

We are authorized distributors of all products listed below.


Smart touch

Bio Protect RTU

Victory Electrostatic


How quickly can you service my property?2021-03-22T15:28:41-04:00

We often can get your disinfection done as soon as possible, We try our best to accommodate your situation and will often be able to schedule within a 8-10 hour window.

When can I reenter my facility without the need of PPE?2021-03-22T15:27:54-04:00

After we spray our antimicrobial protection, we recommend giving an hour to allow the product to fully dry and cure on the surfaces. Once dry there is virtually no smell and the surfaces are safe to touch and resume normal activities.

Can others be present during this service?2021-03-22T15:27:09-04:00

While you are able to be present during the service, we prefer to have the area cleared while we spray. If someone has to be present while we are spraying, then they will be required to wear the proper PPE.

How often do I need disinfection service?2021-03-22T15:26:31-04:00

Disinfectant is only good while it is wet. Once it has dried on the surface it is no longer active. The surfaces will be free of germs and contaminations but as soon as a person or animal enters the area the room or surfaces can be compromised again. This is why we strongly recommend applying our 90-day antimicrobial protection. This protection is applied to a disinfected surface and will continue to destroy microorganisms on the surface 24/7.

How long does Disinfection services usually take?2021-03-22T15:25:49-04:00

Our Disinfection service ranges from 20-40 minutes per 1,000 sq ft.

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