SD 90

SD 90 and SD 90+ by SD Labs was created to provide a healthier and cleaner environment where people live, work and play – all day, every day.

Current surface cleaning and disinfecting processes don’t work! The pathogens we are continually exposed to have changed and adapted, but the solutions to control them have not.

SD Labs is a manufacturer of proprietary, antimicrobial-based products and solutions that mitigate microbial growth over the long term. Our products and services outperform other solutions with respect to effectiveness, ease of application, life expectancy, safety, cost and environmental impact.

SD 90

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SD 90+

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SD Chemistry

Our formulas are trade secrets based on a complex organosi-lane molecule that is U.S. EPA registered and are Treated Articles under U.S. EPA regulations. These same products are registered as long-lasting, medical grade disinfectants by equiv-alent regulatory agencies in multiple international markets.

The essence of our chemistry is a surface-bonding “sword-like” invisible molecule with a positive (+) charge that attracts bacteria that are negatively (-) charged (opposites attract) and punctures the cell wall to destroy the target organism.

The protective surface coating created results in an invisible shield that “self-protects” itself 24/7 by inhibiting surface damaging and odor-causing bacteria, mold and fungi.


  • This solution works on virtually any surface to continuously inhibit and control new surface damaging and odor-causing microbial growth, 24/7.
  • SD 90 can last up to 90 days;
  • SD 90+ can even last up to a year or more when applied by Scalzo Maintenance.
  • SD long lasting coatings provide an extra level of confidence to control the growth of microorganisms “in between” periods of deep cleaning and disinfection.
  • Daily removal of dust, dirt and grime will not adversely impact our coating’s protective shield.
  • Cost effective when applied by electrostatic sprayer technology.

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