Pearl Floor Finish

Pearl Floor Finish

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Ultra Pearl is a floor finish designed for daily high speed burnishing that is environmentally conscious and highly durable. Ultra Pearl’s durable acrylic polymer base allows for excellent burnishing response providing unsurpassed gloss while being resistant to black heel marks, pad burns and soil embedment.

Ultra Pearl can be easily repaired during application and is ideal for the protection of most types of floors in high traffic areas where daily burnishing is required. Being free of harmful metals and styrene, Ultra Pearl will not discolor or yellow, is an environmentally safer finish option and is easy to clean and maintain.

With proper maintenance of Ultra floor finishes, stripping cycles can be dramatically reduced or eliminated. Overall, Ultra Pearl provides the ideal solution for facilities that require daily maintenance and unsurpassed floor care durability.

Power of Technology: Internal Thermal Catalyst

Internal Thermal Catalyst Technology allows Ultra polymer technology to dry from the bottom up versus conventional top down drying. The difference in technology provides two major procedural advantages: extra fast drying time and easy walk-on repairs.




  • Highly Durable
  • 24% Solids
  • Metal Free
  • Burnishable Floor Finish
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