Electrolytic Cleaning Technology helps to remove both positive and negative ionic charges of soil particles, allowing for easy removal from surfaces.

It does this not with highly alkaline, caustic builders or solvents, but rather by simply returning the surface’s ionic state to equilibrium so that soils can naturally be removed. In addition, Electrolytic Cleaning Technology does not rely on pH to clean, which makes it safer for the user, the public, and the environment.

E-Water Cleaning is the result of a process called electrolysis: salt is electrically separated into its two main ions, sodium and chloride. Those two ions are then mixed into separate streams of fresh water, producing two solutions: Hypochlorous Acid and Sodium Hydroxide.

These two solutions are safer, cheaper and most importantly, infinitely more powerful than the harmful chemicals most commonly used as cleaning agents today.

If you are interested Scalzo can show you how convenient and effective it is to produce your own natural cleaning solutions on site, and dispose of toxic chemicals forever.

Electrolytic Cleaning Technology is Utilized in our Cleaning products:

Cleaner and Conditioner, Clean, Super Heavy Duty Degreaser, Glass and Surface Cleaner, Bathroom and Grout Cleaner, and Slam Dunk Clean and Prep.

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