Viking Pure’s patented e-water is a solution that has the power to redefine our idea of a clean environment. The chemicals that our society has come to rely on are harmful to our health, our wallet and our planet. They are also ineffective at killing the bacteria, viruses and superbugs that are plaguing our homes and businesses.

Viking Pure Solutions are not only more powerful than chemicals, but our patent-protected systems have revolutionized the very process of generating natural cleaning solutions. The result is a substance that originates in nature and yet is the only of its kind that has no detectable salt in the final product. This means that finally we can use the solutions without risk of corrosion caused by salt-based products.

We have seen the future. And the future is clean.

Cleaner and Conditioner, Clean, Super Heavy Duty Degreaser, Glass and Surface Cleaner, Bathroom and Grout Cleaner, and Slam Dunk Clean and Prep.